Proof I have turned into a nerd

Purdue Owl is now the longest running bookmark in safari


it’s a good thing i’m in love with you, macbook

Do you know what a genogram is?  Do you know, how pain-stakingly annoying it is to create a genogram for yourself when your grandmother is one of 10, and your grandfather is one of 12?  GRRRR.  I predict that for someone that did not have a slight nuerosis and a tad OCD, this would be not as an anoying task.  But I have erased and not erased and wanted to scream at this thing so bad.Do you appreciate the color coding, the mix of cultures and generations?  WHAT, YOU DIDN’T EVEN NOTICE!!!!????

5 more days till masters people.  5. more. days.  Hopefully I will calm down for the remaining 2 years.  And hopefully, THIS WILL BE MY LAST GENOGRAM!