“To thyne own self be true”

One thing I am passionate about is psychology.  In fact, I am more a dork about it than passionate, but I guess those two can be inter-changable.  I am trying this out for food for thought.  Let me know what you think!
I have this issue, at times.  I can be envious of  everybody.  When I meet someone with an accent, you see, British, Texan or Long Island, I immediately have to think and stop myself from adapting that accent.  I want to beee them.  I do the same thing when I start spending lots of time with people too.  Do you say the word “totally” a lot?  If I spend a couple days with your, chances are, I will steal it from you.
It’s one thing to have self-esteem, and like who you are.  But it’s even harder to figure out who you are!  I know this from personal experience, because at the age of 26, I am still on this journey.  I still don’t know for sure what kind of person I am, how I will react to certain situations, and who really “I” am.  Am I the only one?
In high school, and throughout college, I was on a mission to create a sense of self.  Maybe that’s why I ended up trying to steal other peoples!  Since then, I have realized that figuring out who I am is a journey, and I really need to enjoy it rather than stressing about it. Here is what I think are important things to being one’s own self.
Be unique:  You are fabulous, and you are so, because you are you!  The people that others envy are those who are special and unique, because of the characteristics they have.  Make a list of all of the things you are good at, unique at, and love.  No one else is the same and that is special!
Try everything:  There is no other way to find out who you are than to try it.  How do doctors know they want to be doctors?  How do I know I love hiking, or living at the beach, unless I travel there?  Doing new things is scary, but it will be worth it in the end.
Go with what you are passionate about:  I sincerely believe the saying “if you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life”.  Do what you are passionate about, because you can!  Even if you can’t do it for a living, run everyday, or volunteer to help animals.  Doing what you love makes you innately happy, and that will translate to other parts of your life.
Enjoy yourself:  I am super bad at this, but positivity contagious, and goes a long way!   Leave positive notes for yourself, dance in the morning when you get up, or laugh once a day, it will make a difference.
Why do you love who you are?  I laugh at my own jokes, cook like a supersta’, and dance like a crazy person.