Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day (tommorrow)!

I try and be as enviornmentally concious as I can, without going totally overboard. Here are some things that we do to try to help out our darling earth.

In the garden, we use NO pesticides or anything that is not natural. What would be the point of growing everything if it wasn’t completely organic? This is definitely a struggle sometimes when we run into different pests, but 100% completely worth it in my book!

Natural cleaning supplies only in this house. Just like the organic food, I reallly don’t feel comfortable washing my dishes or house in toxic chemicals. I hate the strong smell of chemically dish detergents, and actually have really sensitive skin, so we only use natural stuff in this house. And yes, I have found that it works just as well as the other stuff.

We try to limit as much paper waste stuff as possible. I AM IN LOVE with my reusable Starbucks mug and it is with me everyday. I’m not even at work today and I’m drinking out of it! For the longest time, I tried to find a reusable mug but it never really kept my coffee hot, it spilled, and therefore I just didn’t use it. I got this one (mine is almost exactly the same but a bit different) over a year ago, and it still keeps my coffee hot for hours. It is completely worth it in my book, and it makes me a lot less likely to skip making coffee at home at stop at the bucks when I know I can whip up some just as yummy and HOT in my house. This think is a lifesaver!