Birthday Freebie 3: Moe’s


I love Moe’s.  It is seriously one of my favorite places to eat, and I can’t get enough of the salsa bar.  There was one super close to my work a friend and I would frequent all the time and when it closed I was devastated!  But, one opened up in New Haven, somewhat close to my part-time job, and when I got an email offering me a FREE ENTREE at Moe’s, I literally could not believe it.

My mouth had been watering for days, and yesterday, I couldn’t get there fast enough.  Moe’s food tastes like home cooked, and I love Mexican food.

I still could not believe that there were offering me any item I wanted, and probably looked crazy when I asked the girl “really, I can get ANYTHING I want??” at the counter.  I’m sure she’s seen this excitement before, but probably not from anyone over the age of 7.

I eagerly watched her pile everything in my chicken burrito, toss in my chips, and spent a good 5 minutes at the salsa bar.  MMMMMMMMMMMM.  Best birthday gift yet!  I have only pictures of the bag, because I’m not shy to admit I slammed the thing down in no time.  I love you Moe’s.

If you want to get a free entree on your birthday, go to their website (above) and sign up now!!!   Even if you don’t like Moe’s, treat me on your birthday, I won’t complain!


Birthday Freebie 2: Starbucks

This morning I got up in a grumpy mood.  For some reason the beginnings of the week drag by for me, and then when Wednesday comes they fly by.  Luckily, I knew there was sunshine around the corner, because this little gem arrived in the mail yesterday

I knew it was coming, because Starbucks had built up my anticipation of its arrival by emailing me last week that it was in the mail.  I as excited because I’ve had to cut back on my Starbucks runs ever since I started fieldwork, and I miss that caffeine like woah.

In case you missed it, I’m cashing in on a bunch of Birthday freebies, and sharing them with you.  Yesterday, I visited Panera.

This morning I thought about what I would order the entire ride there.  I have a philosophy that whenever I earn free drinks a Starbucks, I go all out.  And go all out I did indeed, my friends:

Hello lover.
Triple Venti Non-fat Caramel Macchiato.  And yeah, I know there’s no point in getting skim milk if I’m sugaring it up with caramel syrup, I just can’t stand the taste of anything more than skim milk.

To get a free Starbucks drink on your birthday, you just have to register a Starbucks (gift) card, at  If you visit Starbucks at all, this is completely worth it, as I now get free syrup on all my drinks, free soy milk if you want it, and you get to earn free drinks.  win win win.

A week of freebies

This Friday is my birthday (woot woot!) and I am excited, whether or not I celebrated big.  26 was a big year for me (I got engaged!  Got my dream internship!  Quit my regular job!)  and 27 looks to be even more exciting!!  (Get married?  Become an official school psychologist!)

To make this week even more fabulous, due to my addiction to deals and coupons, my inbox has already been flooded with a variety of freebies and deals to celebrate the day of my birth.  I will be sharing them daily here, starting with my first breakfast this am.
I have been a big fan of the Panera card as they loaded me up with a variety of free smoothies and bagels at the beginning of the year.  I haven’t been getting as many sweet deals lately (do they expect me to earn them or something?), so I was psyched when they rewarded me with a freebie for the b-day.  I cashed it in this morning and got myself a pecan roll:
I am now fully sugared up and am ready to take on a day of middle schoolers!
Have a fabulous day!
(P.S. You can get your birthday surprise too by signing up for the Panera card.  Like I said, when I used to visit on a daily basis, it was completely worth it as I would get something free like every week…sweet deal!)