A week of freebies

This Friday is my birthday (woot woot!) and I am excited, whether or not I celebrated big.  26 was a big year for me (I got engaged!  Got my dream internship!  Quit my regular job!)  and 27 looks to be even more exciting!!  (Get married?  Become an official school psychologist!)

To make this week even more fabulous, due to my addiction to deals and coupons, my inbox has already been flooded with a variety of freebies and deals to celebrate the day of my birth.  I will be sharing them daily here, starting with my first breakfast this am.
I have been a big fan of the Panera card as they loaded me up with a variety of free smoothies and bagels at the beginning of the year.  I haven’t been getting as many sweet deals lately (do they expect me to earn them or something?), so I was psyched when they rewarded me with a freebie for the b-day.  I cashed it in this morning and got myself a pecan roll:
I am now fully sugared up and am ready to take on a day of middle schoolers!
Have a fabulous day!
(P.S. You can get your birthday surprise too by signing up for the Panera card.  Like I said, when I used to visit on a daily basis, it was completely worth it as I would get something free like every week…sweet deal!)

Finger Licking Good Fig

I am not awake EVER lately.  What is up with that?  Is someone secretly switching my caffeinated coffee with decaf (worst fear, folks).

Last night I had a super relaxing night of no work and no grad school.  It.  was.  amazing.  Of course, I passed out on the couch and woke up in the middle of the night panicking, but the rest was well worth it.

I haven’t done too much cooking (okay, any), since I have been eating at the restaurant almost everyday.  And tonight, we are headed out to dinner, so I’ll be laying low in the kitchen anyways.  I’ve been trying to cook as much as possible, but not being home during dinner time is just putting a damper on things.

This weekend, I did find a yummy treat through, at none other than Whole Foods.  I love WF, and could (and have) spent hours browsing the food isles.  As much as I love junk food, I get grossed out sometimes with anything that has food additives, or chemicals, so I really appreciate WF for it’s natural ingredients and freshness.  I was browsing the cheese section, when one of the workers introduced me to this yummy gem:

I didn’t even know I liked figs, but I ate an entire jar of this.  This stuff is GOOD!  You only need a teeny tiny bit of spread on a cracker, and if you really want someone to fall in love with you, have it with brie cheese.  But I’m warning you, don’t get too much, because you won’t be able to stop eating it.

This goes on my list with avocado and mozzarella cheese as things that I will lick off a plate to get every last bit.

On with the day.  I have big plans for the rest of the day, including interning, class, and then trying to soak up as much sun as is possible after 4pm.  If only I could lounge all day like this cool pup:

chilling like a villain the backyard

“cool it with the glasses mom, it’s not happening”

The restaurant we are going to tonight has the best lobster bisque ever and I cannot wait to stuff a spoon in my mouth, and then eat as much as possible, of Ryan’s too.  🙂