sweet deal: the day CVS paid me $6 for zyrtec

I rarely ever use the “extra bucks”/”coupon bucks” reward programs at CVS/Walgreens etc.  Frankly, I think they are pretty trickster and just an incentive for you to keep spending moola in their store.  I tried the whole shabang once, and defiantly think that I still ended up paying more for stuff than I would otherwise (I have NEVER seen a fabulous sale at one of them).

But still, I glance at the ads every week or so just to see.  This week, I happened to see that they were having a “carebucks” deal at CVS on a Zyrtec 5-pack.  Consequently, a few weeks ago, I received a coupon for a free 5 pack of Zyrtec in teh mail.  (I had signed up for it online and got it in the mail a few weeks later!).  So here is how I made my moola.

1.  I saw in the CVS Ad that there was a deal that if you buy a Zyrtec 5-pack, you get $5.99 back in extrabucks.  ( I think it was on sale for 6.99).

2.  I popped in, saw that they were still in stock, and took the 5-pack and the coupon to the register.

3.  Whenever I use a “freebie” coupon (which I usually use at the grocery store), there always has to be something imput into the computer as to what the price is.  This happened here, and the woman tried to convince me I had to buy a larger pack.  I politely pointed out to her the correct wording until she finally scanned it correctly.  So my bill was $0.

4.  Make sure you use your CVS card (I always just use my phone number), and wait for the goodies to appear!

5.  You should then print out the extrabucks deal (here $5.99).  Essentially now, I have a free $6 to spend at CVS.  I will try to get somethings free, but honestly, if I don’t use it because I don’t like CVS’ prices, I don’t be too sad, it’s free baby!!

So there it is, simple and quick.  Keep the deals coming!