Falling in love with Fall

Fall is my absolute favorite season and my very favorite time to live in New England.  The smell of Fall fills the air, the air is crisp, cool, and sunny.  And for me, Fall feels like the chance to start over and do new things.  I suppose it will feel this way from now on with the beginnings of the school year.  I have a memory of every year from Fall, the warmth, the colors, and the smells.  Buying a pumpking scented candle each year is theraputic for me and as I sit here right now, I am taking it in.  So.  Good.

One other perk of Fall is of course Apple Cider, and Pumpkin Spice coffee.  I am not one to love flavor-brewed coffee, they are way to strong in flavor for me, and so I always prefer, no matter if it’s french vanilla or pumpkin, to add syrup to mine.


And while I was glancing at pinterest today (my current addiction), I came across a delicious looking recipe for pumpkin spice syrup I had to try.  And try I did.   I cannot wait for the morning to pour this love into my coffee and soak up Fall just a little bit more.



Bad Blogger!

I am so bad at blogging.  (obviously)  I enjoy writing, I really do, but when I get busy, I am so bad with keeping up with it.  I started a new job that allows me to eat dinner at home only about 2 nights a week.  It’s perfect for my schedule, and I’m really enjoying it (plus, it’s saving moola), but boy do I miss cooking!!

On those days where I do come home for dinner, the days seem too nice not to hang out outside, and we end up just grilling or cooking by the fire!  A glass of wine and a firepit is probably one of my favorite relaxation techniques.  So, instead of cooking in the kitchen, our little family has been doing much more of this:

and this (marshmallow mashed potatoes anyone?)
Which is pretty fine with me.