Birthday Freebie 3: Moe’s


I love Moe’s.  It is seriously one of my favorite places to eat, and I can’t get enough of the salsa bar.  There was one super close to my work a friend and I would frequent all the time and when it closed I was devastated!  But, one opened up in New Haven, somewhat close to my part-time job, and when I got an email offering me a FREE ENTREE at Moe’s, I literally could not believe it.

My mouth had been watering for days, and yesterday, I couldn’t get there fast enough.  Moe’s food tastes like home cooked, and I love Mexican food.

I still could not believe that there were offering me any item I wanted, and probably looked crazy when I asked the girl “really, I can get ANYTHING I want??” at the counter.  I’m sure she’s seen this excitement before, but probably not from anyone over the age of 7.

I eagerly watched her pile everything in my chicken burrito, toss in my chips, and spent a good 5 minutes at the salsa bar.  MMMMMMMMMMMM.  Best birthday gift yet!  I have only pictures of the bag, because I’m not shy to admit I slammed the thing down in no time.  I love you Moe’s.

If you want to get a free entree on your birthday, go to their website (above) and sign up now!!!   Even if you don’t like Moe’s, treat me on your birthday, I won’t complain!


Birthday Freebie 2: Starbucks

This morning I got up in a grumpy mood.  For some reason the beginnings of the week drag by for me, and then when Wednesday comes they fly by.  Luckily, I knew there was sunshine around the corner, because this little gem arrived in the mail yesterday

I knew it was coming, because Starbucks had built up my anticipation of its arrival by emailing me last week that it was in the mail.  I as excited because I’ve had to cut back on my Starbucks runs ever since I started fieldwork, and I miss that caffeine like woah.

In case you missed it, I’m cashing in on a bunch of Birthday freebies, and sharing them with you.  Yesterday, I visited Panera.

This morning I thought about what I would order the entire ride there.  I have a philosophy that whenever I earn free drinks a Starbucks, I go all out.  And go all out I did indeed, my friends:

Hello lover.
Triple Venti Non-fat Caramel Macchiato.  And yeah, I know there’s no point in getting skim milk if I’m sugaring it up with caramel syrup, I just can’t stand the taste of anything more than skim milk.

To get a free Starbucks drink on your birthday, you just have to register a Starbucks (gift) card, at  If you visit Starbucks at all, this is completely worth it, as I now get free syrup on all my drinks, free soy milk if you want it, and you get to earn free drinks.  win win win.