Falling in love with Fall

Fall is my absolute favorite season and my very favorite time to live in New England.  The smell of Fall fills the air, the air is crisp, cool, and sunny.  And for me, Fall feels like the chance to start over and do new things.  I suppose it will feel this way from now on with the beginnings of the school year.  I have a memory of every year from Fall, the warmth, the colors, and the smells.  Buying a pumpking scented candle each year is theraputic for me and as I sit here right now, I am taking it in.  So.  Good.

One other perk of Fall is of course Apple Cider, and Pumpkin Spice coffee.  I am not one to love flavor-brewed coffee, they are way to strong in flavor for me, and so I always prefer, no matter if it’s french vanilla or pumpkin, to add syrup to mine.


And while I was glancing at pinterest today (my current addiction), I came across a delicious looking recipe for pumpkin spice syrup I had to try.  And try I did.   I cannot wait for the morning to pour this love into my coffee and soak up Fall just a little bit more.



a break.

I took a break from technology this past summer/fall.  Well, a mac break.  You see, I had a love affair with my mac.  It was my child, I loved it with all of my heart, and I spent all of my time loving it.  Then, for some financial and personal reasons, I took a break.  I still used the computer, on and off, but shared Ry’s windows machine with him.  It was good.  I needed it.  I mean, let’s face it, I was soooo much more productive.  I went apple picking instead of facebooking.  I cleaned instead of google read.  It was glorious.  And now I am back, with a break.  I want to spend less time loving my mac and more time loving my family.  Oh, but let me just say, once I put this baby back in my hands, it was like butter.  HOW DID I EVER LIVE WITHOUT A MAC?

A dream life

I’m back from a way to sweet and long vacation.  We cruised to Alaska!  It was entirely amazing and breathtaking at the same time.  The few people I knew that I had been there beforehand said that it was beautiful, but the scenery really is breathtaking.  I will never forget that scenery, and even coming home, I kept looking at the sky and just remembering how beautiful things were. 

And now, I’m getting used to having to cook my own meals again.  Although I missed cooking and my homemade yumminess, I will never complain about an endless supply of smoked salmon, lobster tail, and anything else you could imagine for 10 days…ahhh…

Cookies for breakfast

Last night I ate like a menace.  For my step-sister’s birthday, we ate at a local seafood place just down the road from our house.  I can’t stop myself when it comes to seafood, it is just TOO good!!

As I ate like a crazed person last night, I figured why not continue the trend today and eat a chocolate chip cookie for breakfast!  Recipe to come later.

Time to get onto the rest of the day!  Plans involve this:



and hanging out with this guy:

come on momSee you later!

A little love

Ryan and I have been engaged only since Christmas, and dated just over 3 years before that.  Still however, sometimes it feels like I just met him, and time flies by!  Seems like I was just a college grad and he was a crazy party boy.

newly datesWhen we first started dating, I was still very much learning about myself and confused about who I was and what I wanted in life.  But, as Ry and I spent more time together, I realized that he was special.  And since we met, we still have never gotten sick of spending time together, and spend most of our time (when it’s not 900 degrees out), sitting directly next to eachother in the same chair.


The thing that I cannot get over about Ry (and I hope I never do), are those moments where I still cannot believe that he is mine, and that I have this wonderful, amazing person to spend the rest of my life with.  Even though we have basically started a life together already, I feel incredibly blessed that this hottie is going to be by my side for the rest of my life, and be the daddy to our future babies (who I hope all come out looking like his clones).  I feel tickled pink and feel increibly blessed and lucky to have him by my side.

Now that we are officially planning our marriage and wedding, I want things to be really meaningful and an image of us.  Both of us come from divorced parents, and we spent a lot of time before we got engaged discussing what we both wanted out of marriage, and how it was not an option for us not to have a life-long committment.  This is as comforting as anything can be to me, and I seriously cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with this guy.  There is nothing like waking up every morning next to a man you think is the handsomest in the world!!

I don’t give enough credit ever for everything that he does for my little butt.  He puts up with my crazy face, will laugh at most of my jokes, and supports me in everything from emotions to this wild adventure called graduate school.  He always eats my cooking, no matter how bad it tastes, and acts like he loves it.  He cuddles me even when I’m mean, and is the most patient person in the universe.  Shouts out to him  <3.

childhood memories

I am currently suffering from a heck of a headache, which I can only attribute to the fact that I haven’t inhaled my daily coffee today.  Who am I?  😉

Lately, I have had a serious lapse in energy, but have still been trying to cook up as much as I can in this glorious time of fresh veggies and fruit from the garden.  We have already picked zucchini, tomatoes, yellow squash, a little bit of asparagus, tons of lettuce, radish, basil, cilantro, peas, cucumbers, and I’m sure something else I am forgetting.  I’ve also eaten my share of raspberries off of the bush….oh yeahhhh.

I also haven’t been grocery shopping in forever, in an attempt to force myself to use all of the food we have in the house before stockpiling again.  Sometime I just feel like we are overwhelmed with food.  On the last trip I took, however, I did find the highlight of my day in this throwback to a short-lived ’90’s trend I was SO excited about:

colored popcorn goodness!!

Does anyone remember colored microwave popcorn?  It was one of my favorite snacks when I was younger, and I constantly bring it up in other 90’s kids conversations (you know, along with Full House, NKOTB, Nickelodean and TGIF).  So I was flipping out when I saw this in the store, but was sorely dissapointed they did not have my favorite color PINK!  Here’s hoping it comes out soon.  Please tell me you all loved this too.  And I thought I was excited when snap bracelets made a return…other 90’s throwbacks anyone?


Birthday Freebie 3: Moe’s


I love Moe’s.  It is seriously one of my favorite places to eat, and I can’t get enough of the salsa bar.  There was one super close to my work a friend and I would frequent all the time and when it closed I was devastated!  But, one opened up in New Haven, somewhat close to my part-time job, and when I got an email offering me a FREE ENTREE at Moe’s, I literally could not believe it.

My mouth had been watering for days, and yesterday, I couldn’t get there fast enough.  Moe’s food tastes like home cooked, and I love Mexican food.

I still could not believe that there were offering me any item I wanted, and probably looked crazy when I asked the girl “really, I can get ANYTHING I want??” at the counter.  I’m sure she’s seen this excitement before, but probably not from anyone over the age of 7.

I eagerly watched her pile everything in my chicken burrito, toss in my chips, and spent a good 5 minutes at the salsa bar.  MMMMMMMMMMMM.  Best birthday gift yet!  I have only pictures of the bag, because I’m not shy to admit I slammed the thing down in no time.  I love you Moe’s.

If you want to get a free entree on your birthday, go to their website (above) and sign up now!!!   Even if you don’t like Moe’s, treat me on your birthday, I won’t complain!