a break.

I took a break from technology this past summer/fall.  Well, a mac break.  You see, I had a love affair with my mac.  It was my child, I loved it with all of my heart, and I spent all of my time loving it.  Then, for some financial and personal reasons, I took a break.  I still used the computer, on and off, but shared Ry’s windows machine with him.  It was good.  I needed it.  I mean, let’s face it, I was soooo much more productive.  I went apple picking instead of facebooking.  I cleaned instead of google read.  It was glorious.  And now I am back, with a break.  I want to spend less time loving my mac and more time loving my family.  Oh, but let me just say, once I put this baby back in my hands, it was like butter.  HOW DID I EVER LIVE WITHOUT A MAC?


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